CEO greetings

Since founded on May of 2000 with the management philosophy of
’customer first · mutual cooperation ·challenging spirit ·creative thinking,’
all executives and workers of ITGen are making utmost efforts as one man to realize customer satisfaction with optimized solutions.

In the field of financial solutions, in particular, ITGen has performed a role of a solution provider for domestic and overseas financial companies based on creative technology. In addition, the company provides differentiated solutions proper for characteristics of customers in accordance with rapidly changing industry environment. In the process of developing various solutions for domestic and overseas financial companies and enterprises, ITGen is proud that it has become the “best partner” of its clients and secured the strongest competitiveness with better products and services through developing various solutions based on accumulated technology and infra.

ITGen has accumulated high-quality specialized technology through continuous R&D and investment. In addition, talented workers of ITGen take pride in their young challenging spirit and excellent abilities. ITGen ultimately wants to become the best leader in the field of "Global Total Financial Solutions."

We are asking for your interest and affection so that ITGen, “a company which prepares and challenges,” can make growth with customers together.

Thank you very much.